Are all cards available at the indicated price and quantity?
In 99.5% of cases yes. Seeing, however, that our product is very special in its circulation (storage, numeration, billing etc) we cannot always guarantee the prices or the quantity of the product. Although we make every humanly possible effort to be consistent in terms of what is displayed on our site, some rare cases do exist that we will be forced to contact you in regards to a change in your order, if there is an error in the price of quantity of the ordered product. In any case, you naturally withhold the right to cancel your order without any additional fee on your part if, for instance, there is a rise in prices or a card in your order is unavailable.
What’s the minimum or maximum order that I can make?
There is no lower or upper limit to your order. You should keep in mind, however, that shipping costs are proportional to weight and unfortunately, as a result, five cards with a total cost of 50 Euros and five cards with a total cost of 0,50 Euro have the exact same charges.
I want to order a product but it is unavailable.
In the tab of the desired product, you may fill in your e-mail and press the button: When the product becomes available again, you will be informed via e-mail and given the option to order it at that time in case you still want it.
What’s my shopping cart?
It’s exactly like a normal shopping cart. Using the button located next to each of our available products you add it to your shopping cart, if you are interested in purchasing it. During your purchases you have the ability to quickly check the quantity and the price added to your shopping cart by looking at the shopping cart icon at the upper part of the page. By pressing the aforementioned icon you instantly gain access to a detailed list of all the purchasable items you added to the cart and may then adjust the quantity of the product or delete it from your list by using the corresponding buttons. Adding a product to your shopping cart doesn’t mean that you have purchased it. There is a small procedure that must be followed before it becomes yours. During this procedure you may once again check both the product you have chosen and its price as well as the total cost.


How can I make an order?
First of all you should add to your shopping cart every product you desire to purchase. Next you press the shopping cart icon on the upper part of the page in order to see a detailed list of the items you have added. If you press the icon you will be directed to a page where you will have to fill in your personal information. In the same page you have to choose a Shipping Region, Shipping Method and Payment Method and the shipping costs will be instantly and automatically calculated. Following that, you press the button and depending on the payment method you have chosen you will be directed to an information page in order for you to complete your payment. As soon as the payment procedure is completed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you including all the necessary information concerning your order. This means that your order has been successfully registered to the www.mtgsingles.gr systems./span>You may keep track of your order through the Account tab located on the upper part of the page, if you are already logged in. There you will find all your recent orders and their status. Press the icon on the left of the desired order to view its details.

A product is missing from the order that I received. What do I do?
In MtGsingles.gr we are especially meticulous as far as immediate and accurate customer service is concerned. If, however, you spot an omission in your order, please choose one of the following methods to contact us:
  • Send us an e-mail at info@mtgsingles.gr, mentioning either the order code or the name under which the order was registered and the mistake.
  • Contact us during working hours at +30 210 2925904.
  • Use the Live Chat button in our eshop !!
How do I know the status of my order?
You may view the status of your order through "My account" located at the upper part of the page if you are logged in. There you will find all your recent orders and their status. Press the left icon next to the desired order to view its details.
How can I add items to my order?
You have the option to add anything you desire to your order by initiating a new order and ask us to combine it with any and all previous orders, so that you will be charged extra only for the extra weight during shipping. The single condition for that to happen, however, is that your order does not have a ‘’Ready to ship’’ or ‘’Sent’’ Status which means that your order has already been packaged and sent your way.
How long do I have to change/cancel my order?
To cancel or change your order, you have to contact us via phone or e-mail, information that you may find in the "Contact tab". The ability to cancel or change your order is possible ONLY before the order reaches the ‘’Checked-Ready for Shipping’’ by which time it will already have been packaged and sent your way using your chosen shipping method. Pre-orders are an exception to this rule as the price of the cards ‘’locks’’ the date that you form the order and doesn’t fluctuate until the date of shipping. This is our commitment and for this reason you may not cancel your order.


How may I pay for my orders? Do I need a credit card?
You are not required to have a credit card to order from our e-shop. Payment for your orders may be made using the following methods:
  1. Through Pay on Delivery customers can pay in cash when the product arrives. (Available to certain countries only)
  2. By Pre-Payment through a bank, credit card or PayPal.
    You may find more information on Payment Methods in the ‘’Payment Methods’’ page.

Which Credit Cards are accepted?
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • V-Pay

Your credit card will be charged through the safe environment of Piraeus Bank and MtGsingles.gr does not receive any information concerning your credit card.

Why am I unable to pay with a credit card or Paypal?

Perhaps your order is too small. These payment methods are enabled for orders higher than 15 Euro including shipping costs. In that case you may use one of our other payment methods.

Do I get a receipt if I order online?
Of course. This is non-negotiable and something that we will not ‘’forget’’. This way we do our duty according to the law and contribute to the greek economy. Your receipt or invoice will arrive with your order.
I have a coupon, can I use it to reduce the cost of my order?
Of course! You may insert the coupon code in the corresponding bracket in your shopping cart and press ‘’update cart’’ to view the amount that is deducted from your order. If, in the end, you decide not to use it, you may delete it. Keep in mind that coupons are invalid for products that are on special sale but are automatically applied to the rest of the products in your cart. Furthermore, your coupon may be subject to certain limitations like discount in only certain types of items or time limits.


What are the available methods of shipping and delivery how much do the cost?
From ‘’My Shopping Cart’’ page follow the payment steps and by choosing Shipping Region, Shipping Method and Payment Method in order you will be presented to some options. The shipping costs will be calculated automatically which will be immediately recalculated each time you change one or more of your choices.
Is there a way for me to avoid shipping costs? Do you offer free shipping?
Delivery from our shop is not possible as we do not have a physical presence in order to keep our expenses and by extension our prices low. Even though many e-shops offer free shipping for purchases higher than a certain amount, we have opted not to do that. In our honest opinion, there is no ‘’true’’ free shipping as because shipping costs have an effect on the final prices of a product and the customer ends up being charged for it in any case. We prefer to keep our shipping costs as clear and as close to the true charges as possible as well as good prices on our products. Furthermore we do NOT make deliveries to other retail stores, thus respecting the working place of other individuals.
How long does it take for my order to arrive?
It depends on the Shipping Region and the Payment Method you have chosen. For more information you may see the Shipping Methods here.
Is it possible for the order to arrive at my house?
If the shipping method you have chosen is a courier service, delivery will take place in the designated address.
What’s the fastest way of delivery?
Under normal circumstances, courier services are the fastest and most efficient way for you to receive your order because it only takes 1 working day for them to deliver your order in cities from the shipping date and 2 days for places outside cities. Courier services do not deliver on Saturdays but it is highly possible for you to receive your order from the corresponding local courier office after consulting with them. (Available to certain countries only).

Other questions

I wish to sell my cards. Are you willing to buy them?
Yes, we are buying cards. At this time we are not looking for specific cards but we are willing to buy almost any Rare or Mythic card that has a quantity of up to 1 in our shop at around 50% of its selling price (sent us an e-mail with containing the name and the quantity of the cards you wish to sell and we will tell you if we are interested). We also buy collections (sent us an e-mail with an excel form containing Quantity-Name-Collection columns) and bulk rare and mythic cards. Our offer is valid for cards in Mint or Near-Mint condition but in any case it is advisable to inform us about the cards you are willing to sell in order to give you a more specific answer. For more information contact us at info@mtgsingles.gr.
May I visit you in your offices?
Unfortunately no, as we do not have a physical shop in order to minimize our expenses and make out prices and services better for the consumer.
What are your opening hours?
Our online shop is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you wish to contact us via telephone you may reach us in our offices everyday in working days, Monday-Friday 10:00-18:30 and Saturday 10:00- 14:00 (EET).
How may I contact you?
You may find specific information about contact methods in the «Contact» tab.
Do you organize tournaments or events?
No, for the time being we do not organize tournaments or scheduled events.
I forgot my password.
In case you have forgotten your password, in the window where you insert your information in order to log in, you have to press the "Password Recovery" link and follow the instructions.
How can I receive you newsletter?
At the lower part of the page there is a bracket where you may enter your e-mail so we may include you to our newsletter. Any time you wish to stop receiving it you may inform us at info@mtgsingles.gr
I live abroad. Am I allowed to make an order?
Yes of course, we ship internationally. Just make sure you have chosen the correct Shipping Region when ordering and the Shipping costs will be calculated automatically.
How can I change the information in My Account?
If you log in to your account, at the upper part of the page, press the "My account" link and follow the ‘’Account Details’’ tab to change your information.
Can I change the shipping address in ‘’My Account’’?
Every time you make an order, you will be given the option to change the shipping information before you complete it.
What happens if I am unable to receive my order on the day of its arrival?
If your chosen shipping method is EΛ.ΤΑ (Hellenic Post), the mailman will leave a notification, in order for you to receive the package from your local post-office. Courier services will leave a similar notification for you to call them and arrange a day for the delivery according to your schedule.
I discovered an error in an image, price or a bug in your site.
Please inform us about it, we appreciate your assistance!