Terms and conditions


Our Merchandise
The products on sale in our web page are mainly trading card games. Details and specific information of the products on sale are available by clicking on the name or the image of the product. In case you require additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The current selling price of our products is the one displayed in our web page. All prices shown include V.A.T. These prices correspond to the quantity of the product in our storage space and MtGsingles.gr withholds its right to readjust its prices according to the market. In case of an error in price or quantity of a product, MtGsingles.gr has the right to cancel or change your order and you will be informed accordingly in case you wish adjust your order.

Issuing a legal Voucher
For every order, a legal voucher is issued, attached to the order which includes V.A.T., just like the prizes themeselves. In case you wish for an invoice to be issued, the clear value of your order (price of each product excluding shipping costs) should be higher than 20 Euro, otherwise a normal receipt will be issued without notice.

Product Availability
All products in our web page are available for sale using the ‘’Add to Cart’’ button to add them to your Shopping Cart. If a product is unavailable, there will be  a submit button and by inserting your e-mail you will be informed as soon as it becomes available again.

Cancellation or adjustment of your order
In order for you to cancel or adjust your order, a contacting us is required. You are viable for said cancellation or adjustment ONLY BEFORE your order is packaged and prepared for shipping and flagged as ‘’Checked-Ready for Shipping’’. You may check the status of your order in the ‘’Order History’’ tab located in your Account. Pre-Orders are an exception to this rule and cannot be cancelled.

In Pre-Orders, the price of the cards that you order is fixed and ‘’locked’’ the day that you make the order and does not fluctuate up until the date of shipping. This is our commitment and this is the reason why you may not cancel your order.

Shipping Methods
Specific information about the Shipping Methods can be found in the corresponding page. Our company withholds the right to upgrade without notice the shipping method chosen by the buyer without extra charges. If you do not wish for this to happen, please leave a comment in the appropriate space in your order.

Returning Policy-Right of Withdrawal
If a product you purchased is not to your complete satisfaction, you may easily return it by following the instructions below:

In order for any return to take place, you should have first contacted us via telephone at +30 210 2925904 or via e-mail at info@mtgsingles.gr so that we may receive the package from the delivery service.

Product returns are accepted within 14 days from delivery and must be accompanied by the receipt or the delivery note in case of an existing invoice and the packaging should be sealed. The product must remain in its original packaging and in mint condition.

Products on sale or collectible items, (e.g single cards) are not viable for a return.

We propose and urge you to check the condition of the package and the products themselves at the time of the delivery to determine the existence of obvious flaws like damaged merchandise or wrong product etc.

The return of products is carried out with your own charges and responsibility. In case of missing product during their return, we hold no responsibility. This is the reason why the returning of products should be executed either through courier services or EL.ΤΑ (Hellenic Post) registered mail.

Refunds will take place using the initial Payment Method within 14 days from the date that we received the product. The two sides (company-consumer) have the right to mutually agree on a different payment method on condition that the refund note is communicated to the consumer.
For any further information please contact us at +30 210 2925904.

Defective Products
If one of the products you received is industrially defective, please contact us within 4 days from its delivery (via telephone at +30 210 2925904 or via e-mail at info@mtgsingles.gr) so that we can inform you about its return to our offices. On delivery we will thoroughly inspect the nature of the damage or the defect. In case the product is indeed industrially defective we will undertake the immediate replacement of the product. If the product is defective due to misuse the product will be returned to you at your own charge.


Taking into consideration the corresponding regulations governing personal data protection and specifically Law 2472/1997 and its relative amendments, our company guarantees the safety of your personal information. We wish to stress the fact that browsing in our e-shop requires no personal information from you unless you wish to purchase something. In this case some information is required in order to issue invoices and determine the region of shipping and delivery. Furthermore, we wish to emphasize the fact that your information will be used exclusively by our company and will NOT be shared with third-person parties. You have the right, at any time, to ask for a change in your information or its complete erasure.

The terms and requirements of our transactions are as they appear on our company’s web page. Every alteration is valid from the moment it is announced.